Jill Hammer Rosé of Pinot Noir Monterey 2013


Could only put a bit of wine glass in photo. Love this label! Simple, obvious and elegant.

What better way to celebrate spring than with one of the first rosés of the year? And with a delicious one to boot! This wine is fairly pink, a rosé made from pinot noir from the Central Coast of California. This is produced by a small winery and only 292 cases of this elixir was produced. Buy some, OK? They donate a portion of each bottle sold to a breast cancer fighting organization.

It is very dry, with some strawberry on the nose and a combo of watermelon and citrus on tasting. This would be a great picnic wine choice, as it has a screw cap and would go with lots of different kinds of food. Did I mention it was delish??

Big shout out to Laurie at Wine Country in Signal Hill for recommending this wine to me! They are just starting to get their 2013 rosés, so if you are in the area of Long Beach, CA you should check out their supply.

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Wine Tasting Weekend

corks image

A tiny salute to Washington wineries w/ the Colombia Crest cork!

I have just gotten my sense of taste and smell back so I can finally begin to enjoy wine again, yay! And will be in Seattle for a conference this weekend but will miss this wonderful event called Taste Washington. Darn! If you are in that area, you may want to go, I’m sure there will be great wine available! Here’s the link: http://tastewashington.org/

Are you in the L.A./ Long Beach area? Then you might want to go to this tasting at the Wine Country in Signal Hill. I am sorry I have to miss it as well! It’s a grenache tasting which is a nice change form just the usual suspects of merlot and cabernet.

Saturday March 29, 2014 from 1pm-4pm
They will have red wines from California, Spain, France and Australia.

Find out more on their website.

Cheers and have a great wine tasting weekend everyone!

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What wine goes with…

empty bottles

So depressing to see all this wasted wine!

Cough syrup with codine?? Naturally, the answer is no wine. Unless you want to fall down immediately! Do I have to remind everyone not to drink alcohol with medicine? No, I didn’t think so.

I’m only posting this so you all won’t think I’ve abandoned this blog…have been sick and all the wines I’ve tasted lately have been “terrible”. But only in the fact that they didn’t taste good to me; so I didn’t think it would be fair to review them in any way. In the last two weeks I’ve opened merlot, syrah, gewürztraminer, and chardonnay, none of them tasting just right. And with all this warm weather in Los Angeles, I’ve been wanting to try a nice, crisp, Italian white wine but am afraid to because my taster is so off. I will admit I had a half a glass of some Sonoma chardonnay last night and it finally tasted better. I must be on the mend, yay!

Also, my CSW exam is in a few days, so all this studying has been making me thirsty! If you have any recommendations for a crisp Italian white, please send it along. I hope to post a regular review soon, cheers!

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Toad Hollow 2012 Dry Rosé of Pinot Noir

toad hollow back label

Love this informative back label!

I had this wine over the summer but never wrote anything down about it.So when I saw this at an upscale market recently for only $12, I grabbed this bottle.

The winery describes it as “bone dry” rosé and they are correct! Made with 100% pinot noir, this wine closely resemble many French rosés, which are often blends that do not include pinot noir. Deeper pink in color than other rosés, it had the similar strawberry aromas with spice. Almost floral, but not. Really nice wine, especially with all the ridiculously warm weather L.A. is having this “winter” month of January.

Love how they do the back label! This is the best back label I’ve seen, it has really useful information.That’s why I put their back label on this post as opposed to the front. That said, Toad Hollow has beautiful and unique artwork on their labels. You can read about it here. Love this informative back label!

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CSW exam February 21, 2014 – Pomona, CA

I’m promoting this Society of Wine Educators exam date because only 3 of us have purchased seats! This is coming up soon, and if they don’t sell enough seats this exam will be canceled. Then I’d have to find another one in the Southern California area or Phoenix. It would be great not to have to go too far to take this test! I would like to take this before April 1, so if you are thinking about it at all, think about the February 21 test being held at Cal Poly Pomona. Thanks!

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Margerum Sybarite Sauvignon Blanc 2012

margerum label

I wonder why they chose to spell out the vintage? Numbers are easier and faster to read. I like the tree though!

I was delighted to find this wine, because I had read about it somewhere. Ugh, now I don’t remember if I stumbled onto it online or in print, shoot! But I specifically wanted to try another wine from the Happy Canyon AVA. So far, I’ve had great wine from Happy Canyon!

This wine was a very pale gold, with a definite grapefruit aroma. On tasting, I still got citrus notes plus some melon. I thought this was a lovely sauvignon blanc, and very balanced. It’s a bit more than my usual value wines, I paid $21 at a fancy wine shop. But so worth it!

If you happen to be visiting Santa Barbara, you can go to their tasting room. I am hoping to try more of the Margerum wines soon, especially their rosé. I suppose I should go to Santa Barbara now…so many wine regions, so little time!

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